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Commonly, the relationship between politicians, academics and business leaders can be characterized by missperceptions and belied expectations. Consequent conflicts are extremely counterproductive whereas at the same time evidence based decision making in politics and economy is required urgently. Enabeling the necessary discourse by knowing resons for missunderstanding, translating varying codings and managing communication processes is what we call scientific affairs.
Incongruentcodings, expectations and processes
PromiseWe answer actual business-influencing socio-political questions by using scientific evidence.We enable the necessary communication process between the systems politics, science and business. We moderate this communication process by means of scientific discourse. ProductsAcademic monitoring. Stakeholder management. Research project development, management & controlling. Scientific dialogue development, management & moderation. Implementation of scientific evidence into decision making & communication processes. PrinciplesEvidence-based. Unbiased. Honest.
FounderKnut Walter started his carrier in leading industry sales positions. After his studies of ,Society and Business Communication‘ at University of Arts, Berlin, he was engaged as an university lecturer for many years.  In parallel he founded his own strategy consultancy.  In over 10 years he give successfully advise to national and international companies  in terms of strategic conception and usage of scientific research projects for corporate communication purposes. Knut holds an honours degree in Communication Management and Economics from  University of Arts in Berlin.
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